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Pilbrow's My Fair Lady

Richard PilbrowPilbrow will speak about his work on My Fair Lady's 60th anniversary. Richard tells Super Saturday "I researched the Abe Feder MFL for my lighting a 60th Anniversary re-creation of the original production: Oliver Smith, Cecil Beaton, Abe Feder — directed by Julie Andrews at the Sydney Opera House last August"

What an exciting opportunity to hear about the process of re-creating the original production.

Lighting Workshop Schedule

This is our 2017 schedule for Stage Lighting Super Saturday. For faculty, please click on the faculty menu tab above.

Start Time Session Speaker
8:00 Registration, Coffee & Donuts Preview Manufacturers Showcase  
9:00 Welcome and Overview               Scott Parker
9:05 Jennifer Tipton, Don Holder, and Howell Binkley  
10:05 Stage Lighting 101 Pete Borchetta
10:35 Coffee Break and Manufacturers Showcase  
11:25 Lighting Design Process       Scott Parker
11:50 Lighting Fixtures: Conventional & LED Tom Casazza
12:20 My Fair Lady at 60 Richard Pilbrow
12:50 Lunch and Manufacturers Showcase  
2:05 Moving Lights Chip Scott
2:25 Color: How to use it                    Jennifer Tipton
3:10 Scrollers, Gobos and Rotators                  Vickie Scott
3:40 DMX Gary Fails
3:55 Cookie/Soda Break and Manufacturers Showcase  
4:25 Constant Power for LEDs Steve Short
4:40 Wireless FX, Motors, & More.. Sean Dane
4:55 Safety at heights  Bill Sapsis
5:15 Computer Aided Design &  Paperwork     Diana Kesselschmidt
5:45 Choosing the Right Beam Angle Scott Parker
6:00 Have a great evening.  

As our faculty are working in live theater with hectic design/technical schedules, our program is subject to change

Sound Workshop Schedule

Our tentative schedule. All of our speakers are working professionals and changes in rehearsal/productions schedules are always a possibility. 

8:00 Door open. Breakfast & Expo preview visits  
9:00 Intro Scott C. Parker
9:05 Vocabulary of Sound Brad Ward
9:45 The Sound Design Process: With Ken Travis Ken Travis & JvB
10:25 Drafty Lucas Krech
10:35 Coffee/Expo  
11:20 Using Digital Console to Solve Problems in the Theatre Mike Tracy
11:50 Microphones, types, polar patterns, which for what M Florian Staab
12:20 Explaining Drive Systems, Amplifiers & Speakers Bob McCarthy
12:40 Introduction to LoudSpeaker Systems Bob McCarthy
1:00 Lunch & Expo  
2:15 Speakers, placement, comb filtering, spec sheets Bob McCarthy
2:40 Positioning speakers, delay & system alignment Bob McCarthy
2:50 Wireless Frequencies Howard Kaufman
3:20 Head Worn Mics Sun Hee Kil
3:50 Cookie/Soda Break & Expo  
4:20 FX in Sound/Playback Figure53
4:50 Sound Design Paperwork Charles Coes
5:50 Resources, Networking and Dispersion Angle Paper Trick? Scott Parker

Microphones, types, polar patterns, which for what

MicPatternsWith all the different types of microphones out there, which one to use, and for what? This session covers the various types of microphones that are out there and which ones are best to use for theater, and more. Powered, unpowered, cardioid, dynamic, polar patterns and more are discussed during the session.

Lighting Fixtures: Conventional & LED

Tom showing lighting UnitsSession covering the optics and functions of lighting units. Regardless of light source, either an incandescent or an LED, lighting units of many flavors deliver light to the stage in various ways. We will look at ERS, Fresnels, CYC wash units and more.

Head-worn Microphones

JvB explains WHY we put them where we do, and HOW to put them where you need to with a step-by-step powerpoint and live, hands-on demo.

Head band loop  Halo demo web


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