nyutisch_color.pngThe Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts combines rigorous conservatory training with a challenging and enriching academic education. Using the incomparable theatrical resources of New York City as well as the superb intellectual assets of New York University, the Department has created a B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program that aims to establish the artistic and intellectual foundations for a successful and sustained life in the professional theatre and allied disciplines.

In partnership with some of the country’s foremost professional theatre training institutions, we offer comprehensive conservatory training in acting, directing, musical performance, production, design and stage management. Equally emphasized is our expansive and innovative theatre studies curriculum, unparalleled in its scope. The curriculum is further enriched by required general education courses in the humanities and sciences. The program is framed by a vast and varied schedule of productions that often involve world-famous guest artists. Our faculty comprises over 270 artists and scholars. These include resident tenured academic professors, resident artistic master teachers, academic adjuncts, and full- and part-time artistic teachers in our affiliated studios. The size and range of our faculty allows us to offer the most culturally, scholarly, and artistically diverse undergraduate theatre training curricula in the country. Our core faculty is enhanced by a constant influx of prominent visiting artists and scholars.