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Scott's 30 minute presentation

This preveiw was taken from Scott’s presentation covering his process for creating a lighting design from the first reading of a script through to laying out basic systems of lighting ear for a show. Fill out the form over on the right for access to the full session.

Automated machine made transcript with typos.
This these are the words I would love to hear starting my show. Talk about being able to produce something and create to just serve ourselves. I mean, that’s make a storm that was dark and stormy night. How many of you have read the whole paragraph? I think it was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents. This does not. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents.

Except I just love this picture. Why is it that we would not be able to take this picture today at Grand Central Station?
On a shopping list to column for a shopping list? Well, in the very top of the show, I have curtain warmers. I know that because we’ve got a huge grant drape that we need to light.
You might want to have those four lights for a channel because then you soften the shadows on the people and on the floor behind you and the scenery and on the other people.

Now we have some backlit systems. This is two four six eight backlit channels…
On my desk at home. I have a couple of desk lamps. They have to be incandescent lamps, not the LEDs to match the incandescent light bulbs and red light source with big windows. Saw quite a lot of shadow on the opposite side.