Gel Colors for Corporate Events, Scott C. Parker’s Favorites.

One of the primary differences between theater lighting and corporate lighting is that many of the latter include I-Mag, ie, Image Magnification. Cameras are used to show the presenters on large screens usually on either side of the stage to allow those in the back to see them better. Thus, we’re crossing over into television lighting. There’s just not a lot of color used in talking head TV. Most often the color temperature of the lights is pushed towards the daylight tones of the Kelvin scale. Personally, I like a little warmer look and I work closely with the video team to find a balance. I push a bit cooler than I’m used to from theater and they adjust a bit to the warmer end when they white balance their cameras.

These are the colors I keep in my color kit for onsite needs. Though designs are created during meetings with the clients and/or our production team, we all know things can change on a whim. Having this selection of colors on hand allow me to adapt to the changes in the room.

Gel Kit with 12 cuts of each color for standard SourceFour Barrels. 6-1/4”

L035    Light Pink                          Warm flattering skin tones.
L201    Full CTB                             Daylight cool color temp. Color correction to match most movers.
L202   ½ CTB                                ½ of L201
L203   ¼ CTB                                ¼ of L201
L209   .3 Neutral Density            Grey. Cuts down brightness 30% without losing color quality.
L210   .6 Neutral Density             Grey. Cuts down brightness 60% without losing color quality
L256   Frost                                    Softens edges of light beam. Makes easy overlapping light easy to blend.
L717    ½ CTB w/ Frost                 Mix of L202 and Frost in one cut of gel. Aka, L202 + L256
L718   ¼ CTB w/ Frost                 Mix of L203 and Frost in one cut of gel. Aka, L203 + L256
PAR/Fresnel Gel Kit x 6 cuts of each color (use these for S4 Zoom units as well.) 7-1/2″
L035   Light Pink
L201   Full CTB
L202   ½ CTB
L203   ¼ CTB
L209   .3 Neutral Density
L210   .6 Neutral Density
L256   Frost
Choose your colors here: Click on the plus sign for colors you want and save the PDF the page creates. 
You can also use the LEE Swatch app on your phone. This playlist includes several videos about using gel. 
If you have color numbers from other manufacturers, you can use the Gel Comparator here: Just enter the Rosco, Apollo, or other color and LEE will return several suggestions.
The PDF is my collection of colors with all the technical specs included. You can build your own on the Lee webpage (the first link above.)