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Sound Sessions

Sound Workshop Schedule

Our tentative schedule. All of our speakers are working professionals and changes in rehearsal/productions schedules are always a possibility. 

8:00 Door open. Breakfast & Expo preview visits  
9:00 Intro Scott C. Parker
9:05 Vocabulary of Sound Brad Ward
9:45 The Sound Design Process: With Ken Travis Ken Travis & JvB
10:25 Drafty Lucas Krech
10:35 Coffee/Expo  
11:20 Using Digital Console to Solve Problems in the Theatre Mike Tracy
11:50 Microphones, types, polar patterns, which for what M Florian Staab
12:20 Explaining Drive Systems, Amplifiers & Speakers Bob McCarthy
12:40 Introduction to LoudSpeaker Systems Bob McCarthy
1:00 Lunch & Expo  
2:15 Speakers, placement, comb filtering, spec sheets Bob McCarthy
2:40 Positioning speakers, delay & system alignment Bob McCarthy
2:50 Wireless Frequencies Howard Kaufman
3:20 Head Worn Mics Sun Hee Kil
3:50 Cookie/Soda Break & Expo  
4:20 FX in Sound/Playback Figure53
4:50 Sound Design Paperwork Charles Coes
5:50 Resources, Networking and Dispersion Angle Paper Trick? Scott Parker

Microphones, types, polar patterns, which for what

MicPatternsWith all the different types of microphones out there, which one to use, and for what? This session covers the various types of microphones that are out there and which ones are best to use for theater, and more. Powered, unpowered, cardioid, dynamic, polar patterns and more are discussed during the session.

Head-worn Microphones

JvB explains WHY we put them where we do, and HOW to put them where you need to with a step-by-step powerpoint and live, hands-on demo.

Head band loop  Halo demo web


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FOH is control central and the FOH console can have dozens, even hundreds of knobs, sliders, and/or settings. What do they all do? With digital consoles, hundreds of controls and settings are integrated into the console itself. Our console session covers many aspects of what consoles can do.Consoles Zac

Sound Effects and Playback

Andy and Sam presenting FX and PlaybackDiscussed already during our day has been delivering sound from our performers to the audience. This session covers how to play back sound effects to enhance your productions. Whether it's rain, thunder, (lightning itself doesn't actually have a sound) car horns, doorbells, etc. this session covers hardware and software solutions in delivering those sounds.

Paperwork via Drafty

Drafty Is a wicked cool online paperwork app that has recently added a suite of audio tools to make it easy to build your audio paperwork. Lucas will be doing a live demonstration. Drafty Audio Tools

wireless microphones and frequencies

Wireless mic SystemHow many wireless mics do you use in your theater? How do we keep them from interfering with each other? Besides the basic management of frequencies, the upcoming spectrum auction will change our use of wireless microphones forever. The question is, will it be “the sky is falling!”, or, “we can do this!” A brief overview of a very complex change and what it means for theater production.


Paperwork makes the world go round

Properly prepared production paperwork positions people for profit, popularity and prosperity.  Paperwork Charles CoesIn other words, the more complete your paperwork the better prepared you will be to mount your production, save your producer money, and have all the answers. Which in turns leads to your popularity and prosperity.PaperworkJvB