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thumb William Turner - Fishermen at SeaLighting Design is an art form unto itself. At the same time, lighting designers are part of a collaborative team with the director and the other designers, including Scenic, Costume, Sound, Projections, etc. It is the collaborative work of the design team and director that brings that art to the stage. Scott will discuss some of the technical steps required to be a team member in the theater production collaborative process.

The first step in our quest to present visual imagery is research. Visual research is simply an image-based version of historical reference. In other words, pictures of what it would have looked like if you had been there in person. Image research comes from many sources including libraries, museums, art books, newspapers, old newsreels, and even the Internet.

Tuner StormNo matter the source, the accumulated research will be an invaluable tool towards the creation of a common language between members of the creative team. Visual research is also vital for designers to help formulate their own personal visions towards the project.

thumb CarouselLineSketchColor3Methods of sharing lighting design ideas will be explored during the discussion of visual image research (what?!) and our own need to be able to draw and sketch.