EnttecENTTEC is a company dedicated to design and manufacture new and advanced lighting control systems. In July 2000 we launched our first product the DMXPlayBack. This was the first low cost show recorder to offer so many features at this cost. Since then we have released many other products. Our products are designed to last and get the job done every time.

 ENTTEC is situated in Knoxfield a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. ENTTEC is staffed by handful of engineers and technicians. All our products are designed and manufactured in house, we design all our products from A to Z: electronics, metal work and software. We are a vertically intergrated buisness where the majority of manufacturing steps for each product are performed in house, wether it be R&D, Electronic Manufacturing, Product Assembly, Test ,Promotional & Literature Design and Production, Packaging. For the few items we don't produce ourselves, we have sophisticated procurement, stock handling and quality control systems.
ENTTEC was founded in 1999.

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