SeaChanger LogoThe Nemo and Nautilus lights are the first SeaChanger color-changing fixture with a LIFI® plasma light source. The Nemo is designed to deliver an energy efficient class of high intensity lighting, using proven plasma technology – with the same seamless, swipe-free color transitions that you expect from the SeaChanger family of products. Nemo produces 10,000 lumens out of the fixture using a modest 320 watts of power.

Wireless DMX NautilusUsing your existing ETC Source Four® front-end barrels and an assortment of ETC FOV optics, they comes equipped with a dimmer wheel to control the intensity of the light output. Because of its 15,000-hour lamp life, and an IP54 rating on the Nautilus fixture, they perfect solution for hard-to-reach installations, domes, atria and theme parks.

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