RC4 WirelessRC4Magic Series 2 wireless DMX and wireless low-voltage (6V to 30VDC) dimming modules deliver high-performance at reasonable cost. The system is as reliable as wire to a range of more than 200 feet (67m). There is no better way to control lighting in props and practicals, and eliminate unsightly wiring.

With the flip of a dipswitch, an RC4Magic Series 2 DMXio is either a transmitter or receiver. Small and versatile DMX2dim 2-channel receiver-dimmers and DMX4dim 4-channel receiver-dimmers directly drive battery-powered lamps, LEDs, motors, relays, solenoids, and more. Prices start at just $399 per piece.

Radio receivers are built-in to all RC4Magic dimmers. Directly connect a battery and lamps, and start dimming.

Whether you need wireless DMX, wireless DMX-controlled dimming, or both, it's easy to add more receivers of any kind at any time.

Sometimes you need a little Magic to get the job done. Keep RC4Magic in your bag of tricks.

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