What a fantastic lineup for book signing at Stage Lighting Super Saturday yesterday. From close to far, Vickie Clai… https://t.co/76d5FNUOhS
Stage Lighting Super Saturday color sessions by Jennifer Tipton and Ken Billington. @rosco @highend #colorhttps://t.co/Rgv8JZDut6
Stage Lighting Super Saturday 2020 marks our 15th year. #SLSS2020 #broadway #design #stage #lightingdesign https://t.co/e7e8b8FfcX
Lighting Workshop tomorrow in NYC. Theater, event, stage, corporate, church, etc. All areas of entertainment lighti… https://t.co/JGpt2XcOh6


VUE e-Class Speakers Become Part of Historic Luxury Yacht in Istanbul https://t.co/t4aI2RvQf3 @vueaudio
CPL Delivers Large Disco Themed Webcast https://t.co/pQGf5sV6qh @CPL_Tec
Irish Country Star Nathan Carter Tours with ADJ Lighting and Effects https://t.co/8C9atuLtG0 @adjlighting @AmericanDJ_EU
St. Mark's Schools of Texas Switches Over to Danley Sound Labs Campus-Wide https://t.co/tlm4g7NnR9 @danleysoundlabs
TobyMac and BlackHawk Audio Hits Deep with EAW Adaptive https://t.co/H0AVZWmJB1 @easternacoustic

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