Fabiano Besio

Besio has 19 years of experience in professional lighting.

His extensive knowledge about lighting has made him a much sought-after speaker and he frequently conducts

lectures and talks about lighting. Amongst its industry colleague

Mr. Besio was choose to talk about the usage of

LED in professional application at Showlight Theatre Conference in 2013.

He also conducts training classes and seminars for lighting professionals to help improve their knowledge and

Warm, approachable and soft -spoken, Fabiano Besio is one of the most recognizable people in the professional

lighting industry. Frequently seen at trade shows, lighting events and exhibitions, Besio is very popular with his

industry colleagues. Part of the reason for this is that he possesses a humble and unassuming demeanor and is

very forthcoming when it comes to offering his advice about lighting.

Mr. Besio is very conscious of the usage of new technology and care about the energy saving without

compromising the final result. He likes to use a proper light in a proper place conscious that results of his job can

be seen from thousands of people.

His vision in lighting is behind the products he designed for the company LDR where nowadays, he plays a major

role in sales and marketing .

Through the years he co-operated at the design of many projects around the world including recently the

largest Cristian Church of Central and South America , THE FRATER, 13.000 seats.

Born in 1971, In Desenzano Del Garda province of Brescia Italy. Mr. Besio grew up in a small town called Lonato

Del Garda. Completed the Study at a local university and after graduation joined the professional lighting

business as a lighting designer. This was during the late 80s. After a couple of years he perform the military

service in a tank division and after completing the service returned to work as a lighting designer.

During his career completed many projects as a product and lighting designer and co-operate at the resource of

new technologies in the theatre and architectural lighting industry.

PALME SHOW DUBAI : How light behaves , Singapore HOW: Light for the house of Worship , SHOWLIGHT: LED

BRUNEI: Pusat Isani Multi pourpose Hall – ABU DHABI Future School -SINGAPORE Ngee Polytechnic University,

PRAGUE Uffo Theatre ; GUATEMALA: Frater Church , largest Chuch in central and south America